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CVG Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a complete security solution manufacturing company in a IP Surveillance Products, manifests to be an ideal partner and a service provider not only for enterprise but also individual retail segment customers. We are pleased to be a perfect organization blended with 13+ years long experience for those who are looking for complete solution to their security measures with a wide range of IP Products aligned with world-class standards at affordable prices.

CVG’s one stop solution to all security requirements helps to build a strong relationship with all our clients, thus enabling us to drive improved experience with peace of mind. We at CVG pre-empt and understand the needs of our customers accordingly provide end to end solutions.

Our products include, but not limited to, IP cameras, NVR, Wide Dynamic Range Cameras, license plate recognition cameras, PTZ cameras, AI Technology etc.

Security has nowadays become a part of everyone’s life with the challenging dynamics around. Over a decade of expertise with dedicated team of technical support professionals, CVG has pioneered in producing world class products for a rapid developing market in security solutions.

With this rapid growth in the security industry, CVG has optimized its core capabilities to diversify its platforms and solutions to provide complete gamut of solutions with quality and performance. Our upmarket sales team are always on their toes to identify potential customer needs and serve them with perfect solutions thus creating delight in many ways.

Holding a strong team of R&D and after-sales support, we deliver end-to-end solutions not only across sectors like Banking, Healthcare, Information Technology, Pharmacy, Manufacturing, Retail, Oil & Gas, Energy and many more but also, we are proud service providers for international market too. We offer both online and onsite technical support for all our customers.



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