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CVG Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a complete security solution manufacturing company in IP Surveillance Products, manifests to be an ideal partner and a service provider not only for enterprise but also individual retail segment customers. We are pleased to be a professional organization blended with more than 13 years of experience for those who are looking for complete solution to their security measures with a wide range of IP Products aligned with world-class standards at affordable prices.

CVG’s one stop solution to all security requirements helps to build a strong relationship with all our clients, thus enabling us to drive improved experience with peace of mind. We at CVG pre-em...


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Advantages of IP Camera Security Systems over Analog CCTV

WHY ARE IP CAMERA SECURITY SYSTEMS BETTER THAN ANALOG CCTV? Crime is taking place at an alarming rate due to which a higher necessity has emerged for the implementation of a sound camera security surveillance system, and while there are many options exist in the market for both IP and coax camera...

How can you protect IP Security cameras from Hackers

WANT TO PROTECT YOUR IP SECURITY CAMERAS FROM HACKERS? Hackers are controlling camera feeds and gaining access to the network via wireless security cameras. But what’s the solution? Adopt sound setup, maintenance and overall security procedure for your wireless security cameras. Without proper...

How to find hidden cameras in your hotel rooms?

Residential security cameras can discourage hooligans from breaking into your house and stealing your belongings. CCTV cameras give you valuable evidence after the crime has been committed – that is their main function after all. But sometimes even law-abiding citizens do not want security cameras...

Common business applications of CCTV cameras

For over 30 years camera security has been in the business Over those years, the quality of the surveillance footage captured by our cameras has drastically increased, and so too have the number of applications which our security cameras can be used for. Here are a few of the applications that ou...


The benefits of installing a home CCTV system are plentiful but they can be enhanced greatly by these helpful tips below. This list is made up of things that are often overlooked or are just one step outside the box but they all work in giving you even better results from your home surveillance syst...

CCTV Myths and Misleading Information

We all hear a number of things about CCTV from people around us which results in misleading information thus in order to make your CCTV buying experience a bit easier and more rewarding we have mentioned some of the most common myths which concern CCTV so you are not caught out by false information....

Artifical Intelligence in CCTV

When CCTV cameras catch live surveillance video and issues real-time notifications in case of abnormal events happening in front of it then that kind of detection is made possible by an artificial intelligence (AI) and its Unlike rule-based software that generates a large number of false positives,...

All you need to know about Wireless CCTV Cameras

Today, in the era of wireless transmission cameras and other methods of surveillance are now available at the click of a button. A camera in which the video is transmitted over the air to a receiver which captures and records the video is said to be a wireless Camera. Let us take a look at pros a...

The Marketing Museum at kachchh-2013

Our Company has sponseres "The Marketing Museum'' activity at Department of commarce & managment at Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Varma, Kachchh University 2013. ...

Uttrayan 2013

Our Company made compain to aware people "To save birds" on Uttrayan 2013, at Kutch, Mehsana, Gandhinagar, Banaskantha, etc......

Pratibha event at Ganpat University in 2012

Our Company has Sponsered for event "Pratibha" at Ganpat University in 2012....

Sola Premier Leange at Sola, Ahmedabad-2013

Our Company has Sponsored for Sola Premier League Cricket Turnament at Sola Ahmedabad 2013....

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